SEC Basketball Tournament 2018

SEC Basketball Tournament 2018 live stream.College to watch SEC Basketball Tournament 2018 live stream Update, Odds, Start Time, Game Time, Preview, Team News and TV Info.

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SEC Basketball Tournament 2018 live

SEC Basketball Tournament Bracket 2018 Scores & Results heat up today, with LSU vs Mississippi State (live score results below). The game has four minutes left. And the score is 66-73. Meantime the SEC Tournament Championship 2018 game is March 11 in St Louis, MO.

the SEC Tournament so far? It has been absolutely fantastic. I’ve been a big basketball fan all my life, and while I’m not that old, I still remember the good ole days of the Big East.

So far, the 2018 SEC Tournament is reminding me of those fantastic tournaments the Big East used to produce. Remember the 2009 quarterfinal game the showcased two teams in Connecticut and Syracuse that refused to lose? I remember that game like it was yesterday.

the SEC Tournament that year, and I remember rushing back to the hotel only to watch like five more overtimes. If you never watched it, I’m sure Youtube has the replay.Moving on to the critical game of the day, No.13 Tennessee (23-7, 13-5 SEC), that’s right, the No. 13 Vols will take on the Mississippi State Bulldogs. Mississippi State (22-10, 9-9 SEC) is coming off a three-point win against LSU on Thursday night.

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